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OPANAS - Operational Parachute Navigation System

OPANAS was developed by, and is produced by NAVOCAP S.A. for use by HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) jumpers. The parachutist becomes an instrumented glider, with OPANAS monitoring position and altitude, and continuously reporting relative position to the jumper with respect to the target.

Prior to the mission, the OPANAS is programmed with course data derived from target coordinates, forecast wind aloft data and canopy performance information, and displays in moving map format a flight path and the real-time position of the jumper.


  • GPS, altimeter and magnetic compass
  • Operates in extreme temperatures and pressures (heatd LCD screen)
  • Shock resistant
  • Designed for night operations (NVG compatible backlit screen)
  • Ergonomic controls (heavy gloves, oxygen mask)
  • Training accomplished using SSK's On-Target Parachute Simulator System
  • Wind indication (real time determination) for best landing direction

  • GPS repeater and power connector for use inside aircraft
  • Transponder (4096 channel) for training jumps
  • On-screen location and identification of other jumpers ("RADAR" function)
  • Jumper-to-Jumper spread spectrum communications
  • To review or print the OPANAS brochure on-line, click here.

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